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January 2020

In his first newsletter of the new decade, Mark gives clients a concrete plan of action if they are "feeling" the market is a bit too high after last years surge.  He also addresses the newly enacted SECURE Act and the positive changes we've made at the Horizon Group.

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May 2018

In his most recent newsletter "Holding Steady Can Pay Big Dividends" Mark discusses the time and research it takes making the active decision to keep the portfolios the same.

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A Frank Discussion of Risk and Reward

December 2017

Where do we go from here? In this New Year’s newsletter Mark discusses the need for clients to be comfortable not only with their strategy, but their level of risk as well. He talks about concerns for the coming year and why the sum of his fears are outweighed by strong, global growth, tax reform, and record corporate profits.

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How Long Can This Last?

July 2017

In his latest newsletter Mark discusses the length of the current bull market and the prospects for it to continue. In addition, he discusses the effects politics has on the market, the Department of Labor fiduciary ruling, and some important dates for clients to know.

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Winds of Change

September 2016

In this late summer letter to clients, Mark discusses the work ahead of the financial industry to comply with the DOL Fiduciary Rule by next April. He also explains why many companies are leaving the long term care insurance market and shares his thoughts on the current valuation of the stock market.

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December 2015

In this newsletter, Mark explains in depth the frustrations most investors are feeling with their lack of year to date return.

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New Year's Resolutions

January 2014

In this newsletter, Mark discusses what happened last year and the outlook for 2014 through a half dozen resolutions he’d like clients to make. It also includes an enlightening discussion on bonds and why the Federal Reserve’s tapering is really a non-event.

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Washington and Interest Rate Nonsense

October 2013

In this urgent note to clients, Mark addresses the showdown in Washington and its effect on interest rates, bonds, and your portfolio.

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Interest Rate Jitters

June 2013

Mark talks about the current loss in bond funds as the Federal Reserve makes noise about tapering their purchases of treasury bonds. Mark explains the current tug-of-war between interest rates and stock prices.

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Lessons from a Surprisingly Strong Market

April 2013

In this newsletter Mark discusses market strength that has caught many investors by surprise - but not those who attended our January Financial Fair!

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Fiscal Follies

December 2012

In this newsletter Mark discusses a number of issues weighing on investors, most notably our so-called leaders in Washington. He stresses the importance of having a strategy and staying invested - despite the headlines.

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Inflection Point

March 2012

Mark explains his belief that the markets are at a crossroad and also announces some big news at The Horizon Group

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A Detailed Explanation

August 2011

In this newsletter, Mark discusses the recent market turmoil and the factors that determine stock prices. The primary point is that the stock market has an intrinsic value and much of the price fluctuation is based on emotion rather than fundamentals.

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June 2011

After six weeks of market declines, Mark penned a newsletter that outlines the factors troubling the market. They're exactly the same as they were this time last year! This is a must read for anyone feeling little hope about the prospect for the market in the summer of 2011.

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Maximum Confusion

November 2009

Mark talks about the uncertainty inherent in the markets and the difficulty predicting a direction in the short-term. He urges clients to look out across the valley and take a long-term view that will probably lead us on a path to inflation. This letter also announces the appearance of Mayor Duffy at our Financial Fair Saturday, January 9th, 2010, at the RIT Inn and Conference Center.

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How Are You Feeling?

March 2009

Mark discusses the anger and frustration many retirees feel watching their portfolio balances dwindle.

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Emergency Market Update

November 2008

Mark wrote this newsletter the morning after the Dow plunged to 7,552 on Thursday, November 20th. In it he shares a few positive thoughts about the current market environment. Also included is Warren Buffet's famous editorial from the New York Times which appeared on October 17, 2008.

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Timeless Advice

January 2008

After a major drop to the beginning of the year, Mark reassures clients that the market downturns are nothing more than normal cycles and are healthier in the long run.

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Investors Behaving Badly

July 2007

This newsletter highlights the recent 2007 Dalbar Quantitative Study of Investor Performance. This shows a wide disparity between what the markets do and the actual returns investors get - Mark discusses how to avoid self defeating behaviors.

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Guarding Against Complacency

January 2007

In this newsletter, Mark talks about the length of time since the last market drop and the need to re-acquaint yourself with risk. There are also a number of timely tax planning tips.

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A Word About Fear

September 2006

Written after a summer when both the action in the market and Iraq had gone poorly, Mark talks about the difference between valid concerns and fear. This was one of his most requested reprints. This newsletter also recapped the investment assumptions for 2006 covered at our May 2006 Financial Fair.

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