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At The Horizon Group we embrace our fiduciary duty to put the interest of our clients ahead of our own. This involves charging fair and reasonable compensation for our services, disclosing and managing any conflicts of interest, and following a prudent process for managing our clients' hard earned money.

The term fiduciary is a legal standard of care that must be applied to all retirement accounts, including IRA's, when the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule takes effect April 10th, 2017. This engagement model is the only way we serve retirees. Clients enjoy our transparency of fees - many feel it's the first time they've understood the cost of investing. They appreciate our disciplined research and due diligence process when considering investments. Most of all, clients are comforted by a formalized investment strategy and the daily monitoring of our fiduciary models by Chief Investment Officer, Kenneth Blazick, AIF.

We are passionate about keeping clients informed and on track to meet their hopes and dreams. We monitor their progress with regularly scheduled reviews. Although the fiduciary standard is the legal bar for client interaction, we strive for something much higher. Stewardship can be defined as having the passion and discipline to protect the long term interests of others, and is a principle we've demonstrated since our founding in 1993.