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Clients of The Horizon Group enjoy several distinct advantages over those handling their retirement and investments themselves, or even with other firms:

Our depth and breadth of retirement experience. The advisors of The Horizon Group have nearly 100 years combined experience guiding people through difficult retirement decisions. From purchasing a second home to helping adult children, we have a wealth of knowledge to help you with any situation you may encounter. Typically, we go above and beyond investments, taxes, and insurances, using our experience and resources to tackle any issue causing you concern.

Our money management firm, Horizon Advisory Services.  Unlike most advisors, we have our very own “in house” team of money management professionals whose sole responsibility is managing your money. Utilizing a disciplined process and cutting edge research, this team is passionate about constructing risk controlled portfolios and monitoring their performance. This frees advisors to focus on all planning aspects of your personal situation.

Consistently scheduled account reviews and constant client communication.  Our clients enjoy regularly scheduled meetings where we review your accounts, beneficiaries, cash flow needs, taxes, insurances, and any other issues you’d like to discuss. In addition, clients receive personally written e-mails and newsletters. Clients are also treated to appreciation events like our Letchworth picnics and an annual client update held every fall.

Our People.  You will notice the difference from the very first time you call our office. No automated phone trees, just engaged and caring people who make your concerns their own. Every member of our firm is here to serve you and strives to exceed your expectations in every interaction.