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Our relationship typically begins by managing lump sum distributions from employer plans and we specialize in IRA rollovers and distributions. The decisions made at retirement are critically important, technical in nature, and almost always irrevocable. We serve as an experienced guide, helping you to make informed decisions with confidence. We have nearly 100 years of combined experience and specific expertise in helping people retire from Kodak, Xerox, TIAA-CREF, New York State, and small businesses. All IRA accounts with our firm are managed under a fee arrangement and adhere to our disciplined fiduciary investment process. This process was designed to meet or exceed all requirements of the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule taking effect in April 2017. This also includes providing prospective clients with a full cost/benefit analysis of their current plan before rolling over any retirement account. This analysis will include a fair and balanced comparison of investment options, services provided, cost, and access to funds prior to age 59½.

We start the process by developing a comprehensive retirement plan and strategy for a lifetime of income. Once a plan is in place we develop a portfolio of investments based on your individual cash flow needs, the basis of which is our "Bucket Approach". Simplified, we structure one "bucket" with relative security to provide income for a number of years. Our second "bucket" of diversified investments is then allowed to grow over time. The key to this strategy is regularly scheduled reviews where we monitor investment performance and adjust the buckets based upon changes to your personal situation.

These scheduled reviews allow us to add value far beyond typical investment management. We discuss your cash flow, monitor withdrawal rates, examine tax planning opportunities, review beneficiaries, and provide advice and counsel for any of life’s concerns.