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Below are convenient links for you to access Wealthscape InvestorSM and Albridge:

Wealthscape InvestorSM

Wealthscape InvestorSM shows information exclusively for your NFS brokerage accounts. From Wealthscape InvestorSM you can view current account balances, transactions within the account, as well as access confirmations, statements, and records of the account. Wealthscape InvestorSM provides the most up-to-date information for your accounts.

PLEASE NOTE: myStreetscape has been rebranded to Wealthscape InvestorSM. As of September 1, 2017 you must use the website above to login to view your NFS brokerage account data. Please call the office at (585) 334-3600 with any questions.

Please find a quick video tutorial for assistance with retrieving your Tax Documents on Wealthscape InvestorSM  below.

Albridge Access

Albridge allows you to run consolidated statements similar to those used in our client review meetings. The advantage of Albridge is it allows you to see all of your accounts on a single report. It even allows you to access historical valuations of your account. Please note there can be a lag time of several days on the Albridge reporting system.